Kristen Pickett

Kristen Pickett, M.A.

phone: (612) 625-3353

School Address:
400 Cooke Hall
1900 University Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Research interests

The role of the brain in sensorimotor control has fascinated me from the first day I worked with an individual who had sustained a concussion. Today, my primary interests lie in understanding the role that the brain plays in both sensory and motor control parameters of human movement. Specifically my work has focused on pathologies that effect both gross and fine motor movements such as Parkinson's disease and focal dystonia. My current research is focused on the association between brain activity and functional sensory and motor measures in individuals with focal hand dystonia.


B.S. Biology - University of Wisconsin - Platteville - 2003
M.A. Kinesiology - University of Minnesota - 2007
Ph.D. Kinesiology - University of Minnesota - in progress

Lab Experience


Pickett, K., Konczak, J. Measuring kinaesthetic sensitivity in typically developing children. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology,(in press)

Maschke M., Gomez, C., Tuite P.J., Pickett K., Konczak J. (2006). Depth perception in cerebellar and basal ganglia disease. Experimental Brain Research, Oct;175(1), 165-176.

Maschke M., Tuite P.J., Krawczewski K., Pickett K., Konczak J. (2006). Perception of heaviness in Parkinson's disease. Movement Disorders, Jul;21(7), 1013-1018.

Maschke M., Tuite P.J., Pickett K., Wächter T., Konczak J.(2005). The effect of subthalamic nucleus stimulation on kinaesthesia in Parkinson's disease. Journal of Neurosurgery, Neurology and Psychiatry, 76, 569-571.

Posters and Presentations

Pickett KA, Konczak J. Passive motion sensitivity in late childhood and adolescence. Society for Neuroscience (2007)

Pickett KA, Konczak J. The development of passive motion sensitive in late childhood and early adolescence. NASPSPA (2007)

Golner SA, Pickett KA, Hughes JM, Wetzsteon RJ, Petit MA. Bone Adaptation to Mechanical Loads from Physical Activity in Overweight and Healthy-weight Children. North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine. September 2006.

Wetzsteon RJ, Swanson KS, Pickett K, Golner S, Stovitz SD, Petit MA. Energy expenditure and ground reaction forces of an active video game, Dance Dance Revolution, in healthy weight and overweight children. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, May 2006.

Pickett KA, Gomez CM, Tuite PJ, Maschke M, Konczak J. Dysfunction of the basal ganglia, but not of the cerebellum, impairs passive movement and joint position sense.  University of Minnesota, February 2004.

Teaching Experience

  • TA - Undergraduate Biomechanics
    • Laboratory instructor for the Introduction to Biomechanics course. Additional responsibilities include authoring the lectures for the lab sections, grading and assisting students.
  • Instructor - Posture and Individual Exercise
  • Instructor - Conditioning
  • Instructor - Weight Lifting
  • Instructor - Volleyball
  • Guest Lecturer - Introduction to Kinesiology
    • Introduction to the field of Biomechanics for undergraduate Kinesiology students.
  • Volunteer Instructor - RedCross CPR/First Aid

Professional Organizations

Personal Interests

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